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Insulation Removal

Reasons you may want to remove/dispose of your old insulation:

  1. Your old insulation has become less effective or useless due to compaction and settling.
  2. Your home has excessive dust and you or a family member suffer from allergies.
  3. You may have vents or openings such as bathroom fans, recessed and wall vents through which dust particles can enter your home.
  4. Your insulation may have become contaminated by rodents, insects and/or water damage.

Our Services Include:

  • Vacuum of loose insulation directly into large removal bags designed especially for insulation removal and disposal.
  • Bag & removal of old batted insulation
  • Removal & dumping of any unwanted debris that was embedded in or contained within the old insulation. [Does not include cleaning out of attic of stored personal items.]
  • HVAC duct repair and sealing of ductwork running through the attic space.
  • Decontamination of areas affected by Rodent infestation by the use of a spray disinfectant microbial chemical such as Microban or equivalent.