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Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

  • Has high R-value per inch (open-cell 3.5 per inch and closed-cell 6.0 per inch)
  • Eliminates air infiltration
  • Helps control moisture and condensation
  • Reduces convective currents in walls and attics
  • Eliminates wind washing
  • Effective at low and high temperatures
  • Provides the correct environment so that the ventilation system performs more efficiently
  • Closed cell SPF adds structural strength and glues a building together, thereby making it more resistant to racking events, such as hurricanes and high winds.
  • SPF reduces noise from outside by air sealing the building.
  • Closed-cell SPF can provide an added barrier against water intrusion.
  • SPF reduces drafts and increases comfort.
  • SPF helps maintain a comfortable, constant, temperature throughout the building, from room to room and floor to floor.
  • SPF assists in improving indoor air quality.
  • SPF reduces the infiltration of outside air pollutants and soil gases.
  • SPF can reduce moisture condensation and mold growth within the building walls and roof.
  • Excellent insulation efficiency of SPF can reduce heating and cooling usage dramatically.
  • HVAC equipment can be down-sized, thereby reducing construction costs.
  • SPF will not sag or settle.
  • SPF can eliminate the need for separate house wrap and vapor retarders.
  • SPF helps conserve energy, reducing CO2 emissions.
  • SPF contributes LEED credits for sustainable, green construction.
  • SPF can help reduce structural damage caused by high winds.
  • SPF contains no formaldehyde or ozone depleting substances.