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Existing Homes with Envelope Problems …

According to the Department of Energy, up to 40% of a home’s heat and cooling loss takes place throughout the building “Envelope”. Insulation products that are not self sealing, like fiberglass and cellulose, fail to stop this waste of energy through cracks and openings between the studs and the extremely porus nature of these insulating material, vented roofs and attics and numerous other smaller openings.

      By installing Spray Foam Insulation in your home you can realize the possible elimination (in new construction) or significant reduction (in retrofitted homes) of your homes heating and cooling loss, while realizing energy savings and a short Return on Investment [ROI]..

The Inherent Envelope Problem …

If you have an older home, you probably have been living with comfort and efficiency issues, during extremes in the weather. It could be the coldest part of the winter or the hottest part of the summer, and you feel that something is wrong.

Problems like drafts, cool or warm rooms and floors are quite common in these homes, but these problems are also found and are just as common in newer homes and in some cases even more due to unprofessional workmanship. Or a builder’s lack of understanding “The Building Envelope” [discussed in more detail within our Technical article section]. These issues may even keep you from the enjoyment or use of a whole room or particular space.

If this is the case, you have a building ‘envelope’ deficiency issue that should be addressed. Some homeowners try to solve these issues with a call to their HVAC company. They believe that if a room is cold or hot, that surely the heating and air conditioner is the problem and a HVAC company can fix it!

The HVAC company will gladly come out and give you some relief…and a nice bill in most cases. You can see some benefit from this effort and expense, but unless the underlying problem is addressed, the REAL ENVELOPE PROBLEM, then the problem is not truly solved. Only in solving the deficiency in the insulation and utilizing Spray Foam to encapsulate as much of the whole house envelope as possible will this problem be fixed.